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Chapter 12
Release Date 02 Jan 2013
Season 01
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With his awakened powers (now using consciously), Yu-Hwa gives the another quite a beating. He evades all attacks and counters. He brings the another to the point of death, but in trying to save Detective Park, Yu-Hwa lets the monster escape.

While fleeing from Yu-Hwa, the another is confronted by Sa-Ryun on the way. Sa-Ryun is very angry at him for more interference with his “prey.” Despite the coincidental meeting, Sa-Ryun decides to “finish his business” with the another. The another is never shown afterwards which hints that he has been killed by Sa-Ryun then and there.

As Yu-Hwa recovers after using so much energy, Sa-Ryun watches from the sidelines, waiting for the prime time to target Yu-Hwa’s surprising power.

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