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Chapter 38
Release Date 14 Aug 2013
Season 01
Chapter Guide
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Next Chapter 39
Hon sends agent Un to protect Yu-Hwa in case of any attack from the Atran Anothers sent in Sa-Ryun's pursuit. Un is determined to keep Yu-Hwa away from further involvements in dangerous encounters with anothers.

Meanwhile, four powerful Anothers, called the Reapers, arrive in the neighborhood and follow Sa-Ryun’s scent to the cafe. At first, they cause a blackout in the area. Then they enter the cafe to investigate Yu-Hwa. Judging he can't tell them anything, they decide to kill Yu-Hwa. One of them aims an attack but Yu-Hwa dodges it, much to their surprise.

A fight is underway as Yu-Hwa manages to get into another encounter with even more powerful anothers.

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